Thursday, April 16, 2009

Invisible Children

Hey everyone,

If you're reading this, please keep doing so and consider what I'm gonna tell you carefully.

This (clicky) talks about something that people seem very unaware of, but it's something that's real and is happening right now. The organization that provided you with that info is holding an event called The Rescue in 100 cities involving thousands of people. It is gonna be BIG and there is one happening in Salt Lake. I have already made up my mind and I am gonna be there.

Now, if you didn't wanna read a lot, here is the event summarized: tons of people show up at the Olympic torch in Rice-Eccles stadium then they will all march down to the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake and spend the night there until they get the attention of both the media and an important person (senator, governor, whatever). If the group fails to do both, the group is committing themselves to staying there until they get the attention they want.

If by now you're thinking you wanna do this, here's a video that describes that last-minute preparations that you need:

The Rescue Instructional Video from Jason Russell on Vimeo.

They mention having to wear a shirt, and yes, you do have to buy it. I have already ordered mine. You can do so here.

Alright, I guess that's all the basic info you need if you wanna participate. I will be there on April 25th and I hope you will be too. Contact me if you need a ride or are planning to go. Even if you don't plan on doing the event, I would appreciate a visit when I'm sitting at the Gallivan Center for hours :)

That is all. Please consider it.



Michaelface said...

That is way cool! I'm glad you are participating in this. I can't go, but I think others who watched this should do it. It's for a good cause and it sounds totally awesome! How did you find out about it?

Anonymous said...

this is brigette
sounds cool berto. I will so be there if the parentals will approve. which they will becaues they are hippies and most likly be there them selves. or at least mama. WEECOME

Norwegia said...

dude, I wouldda loved 't come, but unfortunately I'm stuck here in bed, squeezed between a frog and a panda who loves my marie cookies waaay too much.

Just wanted to say(too)that I appreciate that at least some over there in Heber still reads(the others might not be aware of me still blogging tho..) my blogg and comments. Thanks dude.

Oh and I'll try not to get shot too much. Don't think that would be very cool, so I'll try to dodge 'em.



natalie said...

ha ha you are so slow.
but i am glad you finally got involved with IC.
its a good thing..
but sometimes, they aren't as efficient as they should be.
for such a good cause, i wish they would do more besides make is a fad to have a t-shirt.
ya know?