Sunday, August 24, 2008

Casting Such A Thin Shadow

So everyone's gone.

Since I don't have a job and don't have school yet, my days have been pretty uneventful. I also feel terribly alone.

I fear for my college life. I visited Maddy in Cedar last Friday and got to see what that was like. A city full of new people and tons of activities planned. After I was coming home, I realized more and more that my college life would be nothing like that. No welcome weeks, get-to-know-each-other-gatherings, or anything like that. I'm gonna have like 15 people in all my classes, most of which will be way older than me (especially considering I'm 17). All the high school kids are kind of alienated from me cause I'm weird and old. It's an awkward stage to be at living in Heber City.

My days have mostly consisted of either being alone at my house, or wandering around Heber, also by myself. Little connection to other people, if any, is usually made during these wanderings.

Also, all my friends that are gone are busy getting adjusted to their new college life and meeting new people. This makes me feel further from them then they really are. Especially Maddy.

On top of this, I'm considering seeking psychological help because I'm close to certain that I have been affected by depression for way too long.

This is where everyone says "wah, Berto."


Monday, August 18, 2008

In Her Drawer

So basically, this xkcd kind of sums it up for me. To some extent, anyway.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Us and Them

It's August already. It came quickly, I must say.

I haven't really done anything special lately. This past week I was incredibly busy with school seeing as it was the last week of the semester. I'm pretty sure I did well in both English and Psychology. I had to do a presentation on depression in Psychology and I got 98%. After that, we took the final and I felt pretty good about it, so I think my grade turned out well. Though I don't know for sure.

The last time the teacher told me, I had an A- in English and I turned all 3 papers she had us do for the last week in. It should be somewhere around there. So I know I'm good there.

Woohoo for me doing well in school for a change. haha.

What I'm not excited for is taking 13 credits of generals next semester. That's gonna be horrible. I will have little to no social life, but I guess that won't be that different from now.

So now I have 2 weeks of school-free summer. woo! What I need to occupy myself with in the meantime is finding a job. I quit the Claim Jumper some time ago, so yeah, I've been jobless for like 2 weeks? I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to find a new one, for some odd reason (:/).

My sister was here from Mexico for the last week and she just left this morning. I feel kind of bad because I was so busy with school I couldn't hang out much with them. I'm sure she wanted to see me more. Anyway, now that she's gone, my aunt's family from Vegas is coming later today and staying for a week or so. After that? My other sister is coming. Yeah, it's fun having family over sometimes, but that could be a little much. We'll see though.

Hopefully I get to see all those who are leaving before it happens. The way things have been going though, that will be a hard thing to do. Oh, and Madeline will be gone next week, and since I'm with her all the time, I won't have anything to do. Call to hang out.