Tuesday, June 13, 2006


grr i hate having had a broken arm. as a result of not properly playing guitar for 6 weeks, now i suck at guitar. i mean not like i didn't already but i suck more. and that's not all, before i would always wanna play guitar all the time. now i pretty much have to force myself to do it. it's like i lost liking for it. and now i can't really even play some of my fav songs to play on guitar so i wanna do it less and blah. yeah so other than that i don't have a job anymore. hey jeb and hammah, let's go to lagoon.


Saturday, June 03, 2006


i love movie marathons haha. we had a lord of the rings one at tyler's house today and it was awesome. i got there around 11:30 a.m. and we finished about 12 hours later. it was all the extended ones so each one was a little less than 4 hours long. of course we had to eat and stuff so they weren't exactly 4 hours long each. anywho my summer has being good o.k. thus far. i started work on thursday and worked 18 hours in those three days (thurs., fri., sat.) i'm actually not sure how much days i'll be working but it shouldn't be more than 3. it is a tiring job (working at my dad's metal shop place) cause of all the lifting heavy stuff and such but hopefully it will pay well. at least it better cause i'm working my butt off. i'm hoping to go to lagoon soon and i want to get a big group of friends and go but there's always some issues with that 1) transportation 2) money. i'm hoping i'll go a lot cause i bought a season pass so if you're reading this, let's go to lagoon! haha that's all for now