Saturday, July 23, 2005

Warped Tour 05' (or what i can remember from it)

yah that was a lie, what i said. i quit quitting. lol but yeah girls are still weird. so anyways, i went to the warped tour it was so awesome! well here lets start from when i woke up. at four in the morning! so then we went and picked up some person that took for freakin ever to get ready. we were on our way and we decided we were hungry so we took like a 30 minute detour and found out the place wasnt open. so that was a waste. but then we finally got there at 6 in the a.m. but it was so worth it cause we were really close to first in line. like 10th. so yeah then we were herded like sheep from place to place for 5 hours. and then finally the let us in, and the guy that was taking the tickets looked oddly familiar..... it was mr. mccallister, yeah the freakin sicko that was my band teacher. good thing he didnt see me though. but anyways as soon as we got in we went to the Thrice show. it was soooo good, and we were really close to the front and we were getting pushed together as soon as the band started playing. then after that we went around and got some free shwag like stickers and such. sometime after that we were chilling in this place were they were giving away free Monster energy drinks. so we watched relient k from there. but yeah the day went on and i almost fainted from lack of food and heat. which it was like 100 degrees with no clouds. then we went and saw underoath, senses fail, my chemical romance, i saw a bit of starting line, fall out boy, silverstein, billy idol(!), and probably a few others but i cant remember. lol. well ill post it if i remember. but anyways yeah the thing i said about quitting...i knew it wouldnt last long. well ill post later. yay chinese food!


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Maybe this is a little exagerrated

girls are soooo confusing. i just give up. i quit. i am like the worst with girls its not funny. its like i have some kind of girl repellant on me. as far as i know the last time someone liked me was in second grade. lol oh yeah and not too recently but that didnt go too well. i think it was a period of ummmm 3 weeks? correct me if im wrong madeline. well yeah just thought you would like to know. but yeah i quit. its too hard and not worth my time. goodbye!


Soooo True.....

we (boys) think its funny how you rip out our heart, stick it down our throat and still wanna be friends. thats all i have to say


Friday, July 01, 2005


hey everyone i totally forgot i had an account for this. haha. anyways so i went to lagoon and it was a blast. i went on the skycoaster and it was pretty cool. if anyone goes with me, we should go on it! all ive been doing this week is skateboarding. its pretty fun cause im usually inside doing nothing cool. today i went to the farmer's market at the park and it was fun. i saw tons of people there. and tomorrow im going to a bbq. woohoo i loooove food. especially when its free. yay. well ill probably post again in a couple of weeks. haha