Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today was a fun day. i wandered around school for a while and found hanna, jennifer, jake, neil hanging out. so i hung out with them all day. it was the first time that i had actually fully "hung out" with them according to hana chyann. it was fun we just sat around in the hall for ever then we went and watched the sophmore girls play basketball. apparently myself, neil, and jacob were very embarrasing to be with because we were about the only people there and we were cheering at the top of our lungs. so then we went to jakes house with some racing in between and we started playing guitar which hannah loves us for haha. after that everyone left me and went swimming and i had to play with the band at the b-ball games which were really good cause we won both but the boys very very closely won against union. it was awesome. me mike and steven (anderson) had a little trio going on when the game was over because the band played at the girls game. so yeah that was pretty much it i guess. if i missed anything important hannah and jennifer should write about it