Saturday, October 13, 2007

Holy blog Batman...

dang Shakespeare..

Oh yes, haven't blogged in forever. Every night I find myself saying 'hey, maybe i should blog..' but I never do it. Until now I guess.

So the last few weeks have been quite interesting, lots of ups and downs. I've been to a couple of concerts since Muse: Jack's Mannequin, Smashing Pumpkins and Underoath, and after seeing Muse...nothing seems quite the same. Speaking of SP though, if you haven't heard, Billy Corgan was in Heber. haha, weird, eh? Chrystal saw him when she was working at the railroad. Apparently he was interested in riding the train...hmm...I was like a mile away from him probably haha. Dang. Well at least I saw him the next day.

School has been going alright, except for the frustrations of not being a U.S. Citizen. I was really hoping to go to SUU, but I can't since I am not eligible for financial aid or anything. Not even scholarships. So as a result of us having to pay college fully, I have to stick around here and go to UVSC(UVU), at least for a while(so don't worry Juniors and Sophomores of mine, I'll still be around...). Our residency should come soon enough though, we've been waiting for a while. When that happens, I'll be looking forward to transfering to SUU and getting the heck out of Heber. . . .

For two and a half days of the last week I decided not to talk at school. At first I didn't really know why, I guess I was inspired by Little Miss Sunshine, but just seeing how people's attention span toward you shortened like crazy, I decided to keep going just to watch how people acted differently (I really should be taking psychology). I mostly did a good job of not talking, although I did end up having to talk in a couple of classes, sadly enough. By Thursday though, Maddy convinced me to talk.

Speaking of which... :) (silly me)

So Underoath yesterday was my first concert by myself. I must say it was quite depressing because you're surrounded by people, but it just doesn't feel like it, you know? It ended up being quite short, maybe because it started an hour later than it said on the ticket. So I made it back to the Stomp, which was lame so Maddy and I left and hung out with Mike.

Well that's about all that's been going on as of late mostly, I really don't have any lyrics in mind for a blog right now.


P.S. youtube Flight of the Conchords. NOW.