Monday, October 16, 2006

UEA and being Owned

Ah, was definitely a great break. sleeping in, friends, no school related things, it was a good one. so UEA pretty much started Wednesday after school got out, when we went to the park to get Martial Arts lessons from Brady and Erin lol. it was pretty funny watching everyone sparring and jumping around like crazies, and Jake is actually getting kinda good at it. then Morgan and Jeb left to drop off Hannah cause she had a hot date and when they came back, they brought a guitar with them. after that pretty much everyone left except Morgan, Jeb, and I so we sat and did a "concert at the park" haha. after that Jeb left me at my house so i ate some food and left to the footyball game. i got there pretty early and no one got there for a while, so i actually played with the band for a little bit for a change. during halftime we went to Trimart and i got this really good white chocolate and caramel cappuchino, it was yummy. after the game we were supposed to go to Jake's and watch a movie, but he wouldn't open the door, or wasn't home, or something like that, i forgot, so we got Randi's window markers and colored all over his car. seriously, his car was covered in marker lol. after that we decided to go to Brady's instead so we went and watched RV which was pretty funny.

Thursday i woke up around noon ish and not soon after, the phone rang. it was Randi and she said she had a surprise for me and to go outside, so i did and they showed up with my bike which had been at Lurpe's for like 2 weeks. they came in and i showered thinking we were gonna go elsewhere, but we just ended up sitting in front of the computer looking at random guitar junk while Randi slept on my bed, which apparently is really comfortable. sometime during that Mike called so they left to go pick him up and brought back donuts. then we sat here for another while until we finally left to go to Lurpe's house, but we had to drop Randi off so she could clean. well when we pulled up, i opened the van's door and it like fell out lol, so we sat there trying to fix it in Randi's driveway until we finally did, and by that time she had cleaned up and went to get Britta. so we all headed over to Lurpes house to write a Screamo song, listening to Hawthorne Heights on the way to get inspired. while we were there my mom called and said she had brought lots of food thinking we were still at my house, so we went to my house and ate it all (mcdonalds haha)

This has been in draft form for way too long, so i'm just gonna finish it

we watched Employee of the Month, Friday i can't even remember, Saturday we got owned, and Sunday i just sat around

I feel like slow Pumpkins


Monday, October 09, 2006


Frustration beyond all reason right now and i don't like it. i'm definitely gonna have to do something about it, but i doubt i'll get the guts to do anything. blah. i'm pretty much talking to myself here, but i think a couple of you peoples know kinda what's going on...

so UEA is this week, and i'm excited, only 2 more days of school for the week hehe. since all the girls are having girl's night on saturday, i think we're gonna have a more or less guy's night. haha. because there really isn't much of an alternative. oh and also, Erin says we're gonna go see Employee of the Month on Thursday, which i'm very excited about, cause Dane Cook rocks.

My computer died, it got like a virus or something and would freak out everytime i got on the internet and reset itself. i tried to get rid of it with everything i could possibly think of, until i had to resort to doing one of those Super Restarts, that ended up erasing everything, so i'm kind of sad about that. i guess that's pretty much it for now, this was mostly meant to help me vent, and it kind of worked so i'm done.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Blah....yet again..

Frustration (hannah knows what i'm saying). This blog wont be as long as the others have been, because it's pretty much out of pure boredom, also, it will be extremely random, and jump around a lot cause i'll just put down thoughts that are in my head.....

so i went and got yet another Dan Brown book (yes, even if he's an idiot, Jeb) because i really like his books, so i'll be reading Angels and Demons at school and Digital Fortress at home and it'll be great. haha. i haven't been into books this much since Harry Potter.

i think we're having a guitar club meeting this wednesday, and it'll be great because i wasn't even planning on it ha.

so my grandpa died today, from my dad's side (cause my other one was already dead) and it was extremely sad. even though i didn't know him all that well cause i hadn't seen him since i was 6, it was sad that i wouldn't ever get to see him or talk to him again, one of the worst parts was my dad, he was gonna leave to Mexico, but thought better of it and decided to stay. so for the next couple of days i'm gonna need to come home and stay here for at least a while for my dad.

hmm other thoughts.....aaaahhhhhhhh (once again, hannah knows) i don't know what to do lol. but we'll see how THAT goes. psht.

i bought Halo for my PC yesterday and when i went to play it, it turns out i need a better video card so it looked like crap when i played. but that's ok cause at least i can play halo now, stupid xbox....

ah yes, The Strokes, went to their concert on friday, it was amazingly good. this one band opened for them called Hello Amsterdam and i thought they were pretty good, considering they were a local band. then we waited around forever (this was In The Venue btw) and they finally came on....holy ****, it was the best show ever. seriously. played sooo many songs and all perfectly, took requests from the crowd, did an encore and played a Velvet Underground cover (forgot which song lol) which was pretty good. haha and at one point between the songs, some dude yelled "julian i love you!" to the lead singer and he was like "i love you too, but in a manly way" haha it was great. so jumping around singing like every word was really fun, but extremely tiring. i didn't have anything to drink until after the concert when we went to 7 eleven and i got a 64 oz. thing of Iced Tea and drank it all in like 10 minutes (no joke) and was still thirsty. i also got a shirt, which i wore today to school, and my ears are still slightly rining (it's monday and the show was on Friday night). haha so this was longer than i would have planned....but that's good, right?