Sunday, February 25, 2007

St. George

So the trip to St. George was fairly fun. Highlights: stopping at a gas station on the way down and loading up on food. stopping in Cedar and eating subway. getting there and finding out how warm it was. seeing a bunch of sweet cars, i swear everyone there has an awesome car. the girls winning their first game, then getting the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. walking around St. George taking tons of random pictures and doing nothing. eating a Cafe Rio. playing Halo in the room. having everyone (including girls) in our room playing guitar hero. opening the door with people standing outside while Mike had his pants down and yelling "Mike's naked!". Fiesta fun center: racing the go karts. extreme putt putt. being a pimp. winning like 400 tickets. beating Micah at basketball. getting the extremely soft cuddly puppy awwww. "landom". Micah getting kicked out of the mall for putting Icy Hot on the toilet seat. getting Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid 2. Strawberry banana julius...mmmmm. making fun of trent. seeing Steven (mr. Siggard's son) running around in the street at midnight when bedtime was 11. "death!!!" like the whole time from Jimmy, man i love that kid. waking up to Muse. playing more and more Guitar Hero. stealing people's sun glasses and running around with them. cheerleaders yelling at us (not in a negative way) even though we're losers. walking around 10 pm in 62 degree weather. Zaz telling a girl he liked her hair and her walking away fairly fast. getting along with everyone great (except David the freaking retard and a couple of other people). taking pictures of Mike sleeping on the bus. the sunset.

yeah, pretty sweet trip if you ask me. and Mike. haha. not completely it, but you get the general idea. i hope band tour will be like this, cause it was great fun.

yaya blog.

Not Love,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm in such a weird mood...i mean i'm blogging when i just blogged like a week ago...weird, eh? i guess i don't really have much of a subject, so it'll be quite random.

You know what? i really like Zwan, and I'm rather disappointed that they're not together anymore, BUT Smashing Pumpkins getting back together pretty much makes up for that, even though who knows what they new stuff sounds like. I really hope that i will get to see them live, although I'll probably end up having to travel somewhere for it because almost no one comes to Utah. At least I'll have my license (a week from Thursday!) and i get the Jeep along with that too. yay.

Who knew playing drums could be so hard? oh yeah, i did. haha. i seem to be improving at quite a fast rate but i still don't get how some drummers do it cause they're so dang good. Maybe I'll get there some day with Postcards From Hell, but who knows, maybe I'll just stay this crappy lol.

I just noticed something...I'm the only guy out of the people that we hang out with that has a blog. go me i guess. haha, and yay for our awesome little group of bloggers.


So that's it for today, I'm thinking I'll do more blogs like this instead of cramming it all into a big one haha.