Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School, Life...the usual....

Hello people, how goes it? haha. so last time i had to stop the blog short cause parents and i were going somewhere so, sorry about that. but now i'm writing this blog. anyways. so Homecoming was amazing, it was one of the funnest days i've had this year and definitely the best dance i've attended. it started on saturday morning with Mike picking pretty much everyone up, haha. i was gonna get a ride from my parents, but when i woke up neither of them were home, so i was kind of stuck. we got to Enano's house where we ate yummy food that his parents made us and messed around in his little...living room downstairs. Hannah and Jeb played us the song that they wrote and played at efy and it was amazing, good job guys. i probably couldn't do that if my life depended on it lol. after that we got in the cars (Erin's suburban and Mike's shaggin wagon) and drove off to provo, which was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that they made me listen to rap...it still hurts my ears to this day. haha. upon getting close to Classic Skating, Mike pulled into the wrong parking, and us following him, did too. so mike decided to be lazy and go over a curb to the right parking lot, which probably wasn't a very smart idea, because he took out the little log that was the curb and the guys from the auto shop place ran out and kept looking at his car....so jake decided to go around. what we didn't know is that they had called the cops, so when we were inside he got called outside and he got a citation lol. it was gonna be for speeding AND wreckless driving because they other guys had said he had gone over the curb like at 35, which was a big lie and we all went out there and told the cop that it was a lie. so yeah, citation for wreckless driving for Mike. The rest of Classic Skating went well, we were there for about 2 hours and Kelsey ended up snowballing with an 11 year old. haha.

After that, we came back to Heber and got dropped off to get ready for dinner. i only need like half an hour, but the girls needed like 2 hours. ha. i got to jakes house around 5:45 ish and i was the first one there, cause Jake was picking up everyone else. when everyone was there, we took lots of pictures. and i mean lots. but it was fun nonetheless. then we had dinner, which Laurie and Julie had prepared and it was delicious. they even set up a little Italian Restaurant theme and everything, it was great. after dinner we sat in jake's room for a little bit then we left for the dance, stopping at Enano's and Britta's so their moms could take pictures. when we got to the dance, we waited for a little bit, then i realized i had left my wallet at jakes house, so Jake and I took off to his house as fast as possible, which ended up being 90 btw. it was crazy haha. i made it down his stairs to his basement in two jumps.

We got back to the dance...well more like the line.....and waited to take pictures for like an hour. then someone tapped me on the shoulder and i turned around saw Karevi (my cousin) who is a freshie. haha. it was weird cause i totally didn't expect her to be there, at all, and i guess it was last minute anyways, so yeah. they were in our group for the group picture, which my mom and hers will probably be all happy about lol. then we finally got down to the dance and yeah, mucho fun. we were gonna go watch a movie after the dance, but the freakin line for the pictures put us way back so we didn't. and that was pretty much all of homecoming, what a lengthy description, no?

As for other things that have been going on...pretty much nothing. Yesterday the church in Park City had a memorial thing for my uncle Aniceto that died last year, if any of you remember that. They blessed a picture of his that will be in the church permenantly from now on (it's a catholic thing you wouldn't understand...maybe.) and it really wasn't all that fun, the usual crying and whatever. blah. well at least i got to talk to Joel (my other cousin, Karevi's bro) and i guess we're meeting him at the Strokes concert, cause he's going separately, and today he's going to Muse...he's probably there right now, and i'm really jealous. freakin jerk. haha jk. i'm pretty dang sure that's it for now. oh jeez we have to take the rest of that Iowa test tomorrow and the day afterwards, at least i'll get to miss english on thursday. ha


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Da strokes?

So i thought it would be good to blog again, so now i'll be able to touch your floofy hair all i want Jeb. haha. things around here have been same old. i'm gonna go see the strokes on the 29th, if we can get in, that is. does anyone know if In The Venue is 21 and over? cause that's what we're having difficulty with.......anyways i'll write the rest of this blog later. i have to get out of here.