Thursday, August 17, 2006

"so soon?" you ask?

so yes, i am writing another blog. mostly cause i'm really bored and i'll i've been doing today is sitting at the computer. i forgot to put some stuff that's happened in the last one, so here's some of it: when we were waiting for underoath to come out at warped, chrystal got a bottle thrown at her (well not on purpose, if you've been to warped you know what i mean) and she got a bloody nose. haha oh and the main reason people were throwing bottles was probably Thursday's fault. the lead singer had the crowd do a 'garbage rainbow' where everyone from one side picks up all the trash/empty water bottles ect. and throws them continuosly while the other side throws them back. it was definitely a crazy sight. so everyone was getting pelted with water bottles throughout the thursday show and after they got done it pretty much didn't stop. and underoath was right after them. so yeah, crazyness. oh and on sunday, my dad and i got our dirt bikes (he got one too) and rode them to american fork canyon, through the mountains of course. cause they're not allowed on the road...well mine isn't, but my dad's is street legal. i'm also looking forward to a variety of concerts coming up soon including: the strokes, thursday/rise against, and maybe even Gigantour. there's a couple of other ones but i forgot them haha, i suck at remembering things sorry. ah and yesterday i hung out with Brady, Britta, Mike, Sarah, Kelsey and to my big surprise, Landon Byer(well for the later part of the day anyways). it was nucking futs. we were running around like crazies. and them being crazier than i, jumped in the lake. haha i would've too, but i would have had some explaining to do to my mom, and i just didn't want to deal with that, even if there was people in their underwear, haha jk. well i actually think that might be it for a while, so yeah.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


well i'm finally getting the chance to blog. i've seriously have the intention to do so since warped tour but i've always gotten distracted when i get on the computer and then forget. sorry guys. i hope this blog will make up for it, as i will try to fit in everything that's happened in the last while, or at least what i remember. i'll start with Warped Tour. it was amazing, definitely the highlight of my summer and it went a little something like this: so Friday afternoon chrystal and i waited for christian to pick us up and then he and his brother pulled up in cameron's(christian's bro) jetta blasting Underoath, which made me happy and reminded me that i was going to see them the following day. haha. so then we drive to salt lake which consisted of not being able to hear anything cause of the music and the open windows. then we arrive at Cameron's apartment, which was in downtown slc, and the first thing we see when we walk in is a huge shelf full of dvds. later we meet his roomates, Scott and Walter. walter was a pretty cool guy but he looked quite a bit older than cameron and scott, them being 18 or so. anyways so we have about 300 movies to choose from, a lot of them obviously pirated lol so we picked Date Movie. if you've seen any Scary Movies then you know what this movie was like. stupid. but funny ish. after that we talk some (that's chrystal, christian and i in the living room)

ok so im' gonna shorten the apartment segement to this: watched Final Destination, people came over for a pre warped tour party, people got drunk and high which was pretty funny, we couldn't really sleep from the excitement of warped tour so we ended up staying up until like 3 and getting up around 6.

that's about it for that part now on to warped tour. waited in line from about 8 to 11 which wasn't as bad as last year(which was 5 hours) . finally got in, wrote down the schedule for the bands we wanted to see, walked over to a stage, watched a band from slc called Day Two and saw that the bassist had a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo, watched the casualties, walked around bought a couple of shirts and i met the bassist with the tattoo and we talked about the pumpkins for a while and he said he was happy that i noticed cause he had someone ask if it was stone temple pilots lol, went and saw the bouncing souls and we were in the pit the whole time. haha run on sentence^^^. then can't really remember in what order but we saw rise against and we had to wait forever for them to come out but they did. then thursday and they put on the best show, then underoath, but i was about passing out by then so i had to get out from where i was(which was about 6 to 8 feet from the stage) to get some food. somewhere in between there we say saves the day, a little bit of from autumn to ashes, but completely missed the bled cause they were at the same time as underoath :(. then when watched part of 30 seconds to mars and left. i'm missing a lot of stuff about warped but i'll probably do another blog with the missing parts.

ok so other than warped tour life around heber has been pretty uneventful, i finally got dsl internet, i also got a dirt bike and i've been having some fun with that. i've hung out with sophmores a lot lately, since no one else is ever home/able go hang out. i've been on the UG forums a lot and it's been quite fun lol, mike would be the only one that gets this. i got a cool new layout for my computer, but no one really cares. i don't like anyone if you were wondering and if you haven't already noticed, i'm getting pretty lazy with this writing a blog thing. so anything else i happend to remember i'll write it in another blog, don't worry though, it wont take me weeks this time