Sunday, December 17, 2006


for those of you reading this, you might have read some before, but i had a hard time coming up with my own haha. so it wont be nearly as long as some.

Remember when...

we played the emoticon story game?

we had the best group for a dance ever?

we stayed up talking until the early hours of the morning?

we would visit Days like every day?

i owned everyone at halo?

we would share lyrics to good songs?


you almost ran me over that one crazy friday?

we practiced karate moves on him?

we'd have the w's?

she thought i was a trash can?

you were really happy at me playing that song on the drums?

we were excited we both knew death cab?

you got all that Mountain Dew for your birthday?

we went to her house and walked to the empty lake?

you let me play with your hair for once?

we played ping pong outside?

someone stole your hugs i got you?

you'd beg me to blog?

we had that Tetris tournament?

no one came to our band concert(s)?

french music, barefoot, speeding, bandana thing.

you tried to get me to go to prom?

we painted on her car?

i made up that one word and you laughed?

you drove me home and pulled some amazing driving skills?

we went snowboarding and you got a girl on your lap?

we decided to start a band?

we broke the cymbal?

"it's like wearing death!"?

we started playing and everyone left?

we raced around like crazies?

everyone had someone but me?

i had the best ride buddy ever?

we painted our faces and were the best fans ever?

we would fight when he wasn't looking?

i told him we were already married?

you were embarrassed by our cheering?

we'd share our problems and help each other?

we had arguements about who loved who more?

i'd steal your glasses?

we kept calling him during announcements?

hmm..that's an okay list for now, i'll probably expand on it later.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Time to Blog, eh?

Well it's been a heck of a long time since i last blogged, and people have been Nazis so yeah, here ya go.

hmm where to start...Friday, ok. So Friday, thanks to Cowboy Poetry, we got out of school at 11:30 and anytime we have short days we eat at Don Pedros, so to not break tradition, we did. Like usual i was without money so they (Hannah, Jeb, Britta, Jake, Enano, Mike and Spiva) were gonna have to pay. well it turns out while we were eating Enano's Dad came and ate and left and when we went to pay for all our food, we found out that Enano's dad had payed for ALL of our food. it was extremely nice of him seeing how it was probably like 100 dollars.

Afterwards, we had to go drop Hannah off at her house cause she's too cool to hang out with us anymore, then we went to Enano's. we pretty much just watched Jake, Spiva and Enano spar the whole time and watched amazing drum solos on youtube.

Then Mike, Enano, Britta and I treked through the wilderness to Britta's house where we made cookies for Enano's dad. they turned out good and we watched TV for a while until Lurpe, Randi and Spiva showed up. so we headed over to Enano's pasta partay and lots of people showed up and we ate lots of pasta. We had previously planned to play there, but we didn't decide to until the last minute when no one wanted to hear us and we just scared everyone away haha. so we all gave up and watched Nacho Libre, which i love.

Saturday was Science Day at the U. they day started off with me waking up and showering and leaving Heber around 8 cause check-in was from 9 to 9:30. we got there and sat around until they had the opening ceremony thing. then we went to a little Academic Advice thing where we got to pick a field in science and see what there was available job and college-wise. I picked Geology and Geophysics which interested me quite a bit and i might consider going into, but we'll see. After that we had "lunch" which was just a little sandwich and chips haha, it wasn't very satisfying to my hunger, but it was better than nothing. When lunch was over we headed over to our first little workshop deal and mine and Mike's was 3-d analysis. It was an ok thing, we pretty much just watched a presentation about 3-d x-rays and such which would have been more interesting if we didn't have the guy tell the same thing over and over again. haha. 2nd came Nanoscience which is about technologies being made from very little to not so little, such things as computer chips and such and we got to play with a magnet, twas cool. Last was my favorite, Observational Astronomy. All we did was watch a slide show and we would've looked at stuff in telescopes, but it was cloudy :(. sounds boring, but i'm into that stuff a lot. During the closing ceremony we bumped into Cameron, Alexia and some other chick i didn't recognize. well it turns out they met her in one of the workshops and she was pretty cool, Marta was her name. Mike and i then mention we were going to the Pie and asked for a ride and they just decided they'd come along, so we all headed down to the Pie and ordered the biggest pizza they had. 23 inches. it was sooo big and delicious haha, from then on i decided the Pie was my favorite pizza place.

We arrived in Heber around 7 ish cause Mike's mom had to do lots of errands and such. When we got to Mike's house we thieved the van and picked up Brady and then headed over to Kelsey's house. Kelsey was watching a movie with Bryton and Britta, so we finished the movie with them and Lauren came over (i don't really know her, at all) and Britta had to leave. While we were bored with nothing to do, we came up with the idea to play Fugitive. Bryton would be the police, seeing as Mike didn't want to and they were the only two with licenses (Brady had forgotten his at home) and the rest of us would start at Kelsey's house and try to make it to the Valley Hills sign. well, through much 'hiking' and cutting through people's yards, we finally made it there. it was kind of a rip off for him though cause he was the only one and he didn't have a flashlight or anything, but it was still fun. by the way, for those of you reading, we will have to play Fugitive with as many people as possible, and it will be amazing.

Sunday i drove with my parents to Orem and ate Chinese food. While we were there, i remembered that i still needed some things for snowboarding so we headed over to the mall and i got some sweet pants and some sweet goggles. they rock. i'm still in a desparate need for gloves though, so hopefully we'll find some during the week cause i'm going to opening day on saturday at the Canyons, and i'm not even sure if anyone's going with me. oh well, i'm used to it.

I started driving with Coach Shoell today and it went pretty smooth, he told me that i shouldn't even have to wait until March to get my license haha, but too bad i have to.... On Friday i will be taking the test and after that i'll just have to get some more hours in and i'll be ready for my license, WAY before March btw. stupid laws.

Argh, that be it for now matey.


Monday, October 16, 2006

UEA and being Owned

Ah, was definitely a great break. sleeping in, friends, no school related things, it was a good one. so UEA pretty much started Wednesday after school got out, when we went to the park to get Martial Arts lessons from Brady and Erin lol. it was pretty funny watching everyone sparring and jumping around like crazies, and Jake is actually getting kinda good at it. then Morgan and Jeb left to drop off Hannah cause she had a hot date and when they came back, they brought a guitar with them. after that pretty much everyone left except Morgan, Jeb, and I so we sat and did a "concert at the park" haha. after that Jeb left me at my house so i ate some food and left to the footyball game. i got there pretty early and no one got there for a while, so i actually played with the band for a little bit for a change. during halftime we went to Trimart and i got this really good white chocolate and caramel cappuchino, it was yummy. after the game we were supposed to go to Jake's and watch a movie, but he wouldn't open the door, or wasn't home, or something like that, i forgot, so we got Randi's window markers and colored all over his car. seriously, his car was covered in marker lol. after that we decided to go to Brady's instead so we went and watched RV which was pretty funny.

Thursday i woke up around noon ish and not soon after, the phone rang. it was Randi and she said she had a surprise for me and to go outside, so i did and they showed up with my bike which had been at Lurpe's for like 2 weeks. they came in and i showered thinking we were gonna go elsewhere, but we just ended up sitting in front of the computer looking at random guitar junk while Randi slept on my bed, which apparently is really comfortable. sometime during that Mike called so they left to go pick him up and brought back donuts. then we sat here for another while until we finally left to go to Lurpe's house, but we had to drop Randi off so she could clean. well when we pulled up, i opened the van's door and it like fell out lol, so we sat there trying to fix it in Randi's driveway until we finally did, and by that time she had cleaned up and went to get Britta. so we all headed over to Lurpes house to write a Screamo song, listening to Hawthorne Heights on the way to get inspired. while we were there my mom called and said she had brought lots of food thinking we were still at my house, so we went to my house and ate it all (mcdonalds haha)

This has been in draft form for way too long, so i'm just gonna finish it

we watched Employee of the Month, Friday i can't even remember, Saturday we got owned, and Sunday i just sat around

I feel like slow Pumpkins


Monday, October 09, 2006


Frustration beyond all reason right now and i don't like it. i'm definitely gonna have to do something about it, but i doubt i'll get the guts to do anything. blah. i'm pretty much talking to myself here, but i think a couple of you peoples know kinda what's going on...

so UEA is this week, and i'm excited, only 2 more days of school for the week hehe. since all the girls are having girl's night on saturday, i think we're gonna have a more or less guy's night. haha. because there really isn't much of an alternative. oh and also, Erin says we're gonna go see Employee of the Month on Thursday, which i'm very excited about, cause Dane Cook rocks.

My computer died, it got like a virus or something and would freak out everytime i got on the internet and reset itself. i tried to get rid of it with everything i could possibly think of, until i had to resort to doing one of those Super Restarts, that ended up erasing everything, so i'm kind of sad about that. i guess that's pretty much it for now, this was mostly meant to help me vent, and it kind of worked so i'm done.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Blah....yet again..

Frustration (hannah knows what i'm saying). This blog wont be as long as the others have been, because it's pretty much out of pure boredom, also, it will be extremely random, and jump around a lot cause i'll just put down thoughts that are in my head.....

so i went and got yet another Dan Brown book (yes, even if he's an idiot, Jeb) because i really like his books, so i'll be reading Angels and Demons at school and Digital Fortress at home and it'll be great. haha. i haven't been into books this much since Harry Potter.

i think we're having a guitar club meeting this wednesday, and it'll be great because i wasn't even planning on it ha.

so my grandpa died today, from my dad's side (cause my other one was already dead) and it was extremely sad. even though i didn't know him all that well cause i hadn't seen him since i was 6, it was sad that i wouldn't ever get to see him or talk to him again, one of the worst parts was my dad, he was gonna leave to Mexico, but thought better of it and decided to stay. so for the next couple of days i'm gonna need to come home and stay here for at least a while for my dad.

hmm other thoughts.....aaaahhhhhhhh (once again, hannah knows) i don't know what to do lol. but we'll see how THAT goes. psht.

i bought Halo for my PC yesterday and when i went to play it, it turns out i need a better video card so it looked like crap when i played. but that's ok cause at least i can play halo now, stupid xbox....

ah yes, The Strokes, went to their concert on friday, it was amazingly good. this one band opened for them called Hello Amsterdam and i thought they were pretty good, considering they were a local band. then we waited around forever (this was In The Venue btw) and they finally came on....holy ****, it was the best show ever. seriously. played sooo many songs and all perfectly, took requests from the crowd, did an encore and played a Velvet Underground cover (forgot which song lol) which was pretty good. haha and at one point between the songs, some dude yelled "julian i love you!" to the lead singer and he was like "i love you too, but in a manly way" haha it was great. so jumping around singing like every word was really fun, but extremely tiring. i didn't have anything to drink until after the concert when we went to 7 eleven and i got a 64 oz. thing of Iced Tea and drank it all in like 10 minutes (no joke) and was still thirsty. i also got a shirt, which i wore today to school, and my ears are still slightly rining (it's monday and the show was on Friday night). haha so this was longer than i would have planned....but that's good, right?


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School, Life...the usual....

Hello people, how goes it? haha. so last time i had to stop the blog short cause parents and i were going somewhere so, sorry about that. but now i'm writing this blog. anyways. so Homecoming was amazing, it was one of the funnest days i've had this year and definitely the best dance i've attended. it started on saturday morning with Mike picking pretty much everyone up, haha. i was gonna get a ride from my parents, but when i woke up neither of them were home, so i was kind of stuck. we got to Enano's house where we ate yummy food that his parents made us and messed around in his room downstairs. Hannah and Jeb played us the song that they wrote and played at efy and it was amazing, good job guys. i probably couldn't do that if my life depended on it lol. after that we got in the cars (Erin's suburban and Mike's shaggin wagon) and drove off to provo, which was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that they made me listen to still hurts my ears to this day. haha. upon getting close to Classic Skating, Mike pulled into the wrong parking, and us following him, did too. so mike decided to be lazy and go over a curb to the right parking lot, which probably wasn't a very smart idea, because he took out the little log that was the curb and the guys from the auto shop place ran out and kept looking at his jake decided to go around. what we didn't know is that they had called the cops, so when we were inside he got called outside and he got a citation lol. it was gonna be for speeding AND wreckless driving because they other guys had said he had gone over the curb like at 35, which was a big lie and we all went out there and told the cop that it was a lie. so yeah, citation for wreckless driving for Mike. The rest of Classic Skating went well, we were there for about 2 hours and Kelsey ended up snowballing with an 11 year old. haha.

After that, we came back to Heber and got dropped off to get ready for dinner. i only need like half an hour, but the girls needed like 2 hours. ha. i got to jakes house around 5:45 ish and i was the first one there, cause Jake was picking up everyone else. when everyone was there, we took lots of pictures. and i mean lots. but it was fun nonetheless. then we had dinner, which Laurie and Julie had prepared and it was delicious. they even set up a little Italian Restaurant theme and everything, it was great. after dinner we sat in jake's room for a little bit then we left for the dance, stopping at Enano's and Britta's so their moms could take pictures. when we got to the dance, we waited for a little bit, then i realized i had left my wallet at jakes house, so Jake and I took off to his house as fast as possible, which ended up being 90 btw. it was crazy haha. i made it down his stairs to his basement in two jumps.

We got back to the dance...well more like the line.....and waited to take pictures for like an hour. then someone tapped me on the shoulder and i turned around saw Karevi (my cousin) who is a freshie. haha. it was weird cause i totally didn't expect her to be there, at all, and i guess it was last minute anyways, so yeah. they were in our group for the group picture, which my mom and hers will probably be all happy about lol. then we finally got down to the dance and yeah, mucho fun. we were gonna go watch a movie after the dance, but the freakin line for the pictures put us way back so we didn't. and that was pretty much all of homecoming, what a lengthy description, no?

As for other things that have been going on...pretty much nothing. Yesterday the church in Park City had a memorial thing for my uncle Aniceto that died last year, if any of you remember that. They blessed a picture of his that will be in the church permenantly from now on (it's a catholic thing you wouldn't understand...maybe.) and it really wasn't all that fun, the usual crying and whatever. blah. well at least i got to talk to Joel (my other cousin, Karevi's bro) and i guess we're meeting him at the Strokes concert, cause he's going separately, and today he's going to Muse...he's probably there right now, and i'm really jealous. freakin jerk. haha jk. i'm pretty dang sure that's it for now. oh jeez we have to take the rest of that Iowa test tomorrow and the day afterwards, at least i'll get to miss english on thursday. ha


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Da strokes?

So i thought it would be good to blog again, so now i'll be able to touch your floofy hair all i want Jeb. haha. things around here have been same old. i'm gonna go see the strokes on the 29th, if we can get in, that is. does anyone know if In The Venue is 21 and over? cause that's what we're having difficulty with.......anyways i'll write the rest of this blog later. i have to get out of here.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"so soon?" you ask?

so yes, i am writing another blog. mostly cause i'm really bored and i'll i've been doing today is sitting at the computer. i forgot to put some stuff that's happened in the last one, so here's some of it: when we were waiting for underoath to come out at warped, chrystal got a bottle thrown at her (well not on purpose, if you've been to warped you know what i mean) and she got a bloody nose. haha oh and the main reason people were throwing bottles was probably Thursday's fault. the lead singer had the crowd do a 'garbage rainbow' where everyone from one side picks up all the trash/empty water bottles ect. and throws them continuosly while the other side throws them back. it was definitely a crazy sight. so everyone was getting pelted with water bottles throughout the thursday show and after they got done it pretty much didn't stop. and underoath was right after them. so yeah, crazyness. oh and on sunday, my dad and i got our dirt bikes (he got one too) and rode them to american fork canyon, through the mountains of course. cause they're not allowed on the road...well mine isn't, but my dad's is street legal. i'm also looking forward to a variety of concerts coming up soon including: the strokes, thursday/rise against, and maybe even Gigantour. there's a couple of other ones but i forgot them haha, i suck at remembering things sorry. ah and yesterday i hung out with Brady, Britta, Mike, Sarah, Kelsey and to my big surprise, Landon Byer(well for the later part of the day anyways). it was nucking futs. we were running around like crazies. and them being crazier than i, jumped in the lake. haha i would've too, but i would have had some explaining to do to my mom, and i just didn't want to deal with that, even if there was people in their underwear, haha jk. well i actually think that might be it for a while, so yeah.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


well i'm finally getting the chance to blog. i've seriously have the intention to do so since warped tour but i've always gotten distracted when i get on the computer and then forget. sorry guys. i hope this blog will make up for it, as i will try to fit in everything that's happened in the last while, or at least what i remember. i'll start with Warped Tour. it was amazing, definitely the highlight of my summer and it went a little something like this: so Friday afternoon chrystal and i waited for christian to pick us up and then he and his brother pulled up in cameron's(christian's bro) jetta blasting Underoath, which made me happy and reminded me that i was going to see them the following day. haha. so then we drive to salt lake which consisted of not being able to hear anything cause of the music and the open windows. then we arrive at Cameron's apartment, which was in downtown slc, and the first thing we see when we walk in is a huge shelf full of dvds. later we meet his roomates, Scott and Walter. walter was a pretty cool guy but he looked quite a bit older than cameron and scott, them being 18 or so. anyways so we have about 300 movies to choose from, a lot of them obviously pirated lol so we picked Date Movie. if you've seen any Scary Movies then you know what this movie was like. stupid. but funny ish. after that we talk some (that's chrystal, christian and i in the living room)

ok so im' gonna shorten the apartment segement to this: watched Final Destination, people came over for a pre warped tour party, people got drunk and high which was pretty funny, we couldn't really sleep from the excitement of warped tour so we ended up staying up until like 3 and getting up around 6.

that's about it for that part now on to warped tour. waited in line from about 8 to 11 which wasn't as bad as last year(which was 5 hours) . finally got in, wrote down the schedule for the bands we wanted to see, walked over to a stage, watched a band from slc called Day Two and saw that the bassist had a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo, watched the casualties, walked around bought a couple of shirts and i met the bassist with the tattoo and we talked about the pumpkins for a while and he said he was happy that i noticed cause he had someone ask if it was stone temple pilots lol, went and saw the bouncing souls and we were in the pit the whole time. haha run on sentence^^^. then can't really remember in what order but we saw rise against and we had to wait forever for them to come out but they did. then thursday and they put on the best show, then underoath, but i was about passing out by then so i had to get out from where i was(which was about 6 to 8 feet from the stage) to get some food. somewhere in between there we say saves the day, a little bit of from autumn to ashes, but completely missed the bled cause they were at the same time as underoath :(. then when watched part of 30 seconds to mars and left. i'm missing a lot of stuff about warped but i'll probably do another blog with the missing parts.

ok so other than warped tour life around heber has been pretty uneventful, i finally got dsl internet, i also got a dirt bike and i've been having some fun with that. i've hung out with sophmores a lot lately, since no one else is ever home/able go hang out. i've been on the UG forums a lot and it's been quite fun lol, mike would be the only one that gets this. i got a cool new layout for my computer, but no one really cares. i don't like anyone if you were wondering and if you haven't already noticed, i'm getting pretty lazy with this writing a blog thing. so anything else i happend to remember i'll write it in another blog, don't worry though, it wont take me weeks this time


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


grr i hate having had a broken arm. as a result of not properly playing guitar for 6 weeks, now i suck at guitar. i mean not like i didn't already but i suck more. and that's not all, before i would always wanna play guitar all the time. now i pretty much have to force myself to do it. it's like i lost liking for it. and now i can't really even play some of my fav songs to play on guitar so i wanna do it less and blah. yeah so other than that i don't have a job anymore. hey jeb and hammah, let's go to lagoon.


Saturday, June 03, 2006


i love movie marathons haha. we had a lord of the rings one at tyler's house today and it was awesome. i got there around 11:30 a.m. and we finished about 12 hours later. it was all the extended ones so each one was a little less than 4 hours long. of course we had to eat and stuff so they weren't exactly 4 hours long each. anywho my summer has being good o.k. thus far. i started work on thursday and worked 18 hours in those three days (thurs., fri., sat.) i'm actually not sure how much days i'll be working but it shouldn't be more than 3. it is a tiring job (working at my dad's metal shop place) cause of all the lifting heavy stuff and such but hopefully it will pay well. at least it better cause i'm working my butt off. i'm hoping to go to lagoon soon and i want to get a big group of friends and go but there's always some issues with that 1) transportation 2) money. i'm hoping i'll go a lot cause i bought a season pass so if you're reading this, let's go to lagoon! haha that's all for now


Monday, May 15, 2006


so i decided i would blog. one of the reasons being that im bored but yeah. life is the same as usual as of late. ooohhh man japanese final coming up..blah i'm so not prerpared for it. we're supposed to know everything we've learned this year, EVERYTHING, which i definitely don't know. i'm so glad that schools almost over. next week should be pretty fun for various reasons 1) i get my freakin cast off (finally) 2) the last week of school! (when do we get our yearbooks?) 3)lots of yummy food at my house the last day of school hopefully and kyle's bonfire and such. baaah i don't know what to write about...well type about........................................................................................................... i'm dang excited for Warped tour, so many good bands will be there and hopefully lurpe, enano, lake and i will go see Children of bodom in Mesa, Az. or some other close place if we can that is, since they're not coming here... :(

Monday, May 01, 2006

ok ok ok here's the real one

ok so jen wants me to blog and if i dont then she'll think i wont love her hahaha....anywho, i broke my arm 4 wheeling.... it was pretty cool. it's weird that i always direct this for other people to read but hannah and jen are the only ones that do lol. there really isn't much to say other than i have pretty much given up on this whole ice cream deal. nothing is happening and my main source of help can't help me anymore. so i quit. you're fired. the end



i broke my arm


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

aisu kurimu

i am very confused right now about my feelings toward certain people. although people think that i will owe them ice cream, i seriously don't get why they thought that in the first place, or why so many people agree. i have my own reasons for believing that no one will get any ice cream and i think i will be right. i try to be optimistic about this whole situation but i can't. certain people just give off like vibes i guess that tell me this and i know it. certain people don't like me and i don't see how people think she does...i mean certain people do..ha. i guess only time will tell although if nothing happens i think i should get something too jeez it's like a one sided bet..

i need you so much closer........random good song


Thursday, March 30, 2006


random ones..hopefully they'll work

Your Christmas is Most Like: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas was not a big deal for you growing up...
And you're still trying to figure out what it all means.

Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real"

You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.
You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!)

Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic

What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays

Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get

You Are 20% Abnormal

You are at low risk for being a psychopath. It is unlikely that you have no soul.

You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess.

You are at low risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is unlikely that you are in love with your own reflection.

You are at low risk for having a social phobia. It is unlikely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

You are at low risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is unlikely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

You Are 30% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blogging again

Since you people love me so much and have requested i blog, i shall! haha well nothing much has been going around here in heber..FREAKING POP UPS..anyways and yeah i'm going to preference haha funny. i really have no idea what we will be doing at all oh well i'll figure it out. everything has been pretty much the same...kristen is still mean to me although she has been getting a bit nicer, i'm still a loser with no girlfriend although i think i'm starting to like someone..still debating about that in my head, i guess we'll find out. i still don't have a question to ask jennifer cause i'm not creative like that. still playing guitar everyday, i think i'm getting a little better. haven't jammed with neil and trent forever and we still need to make a hardcore ska band with the accordion. school is actually going quite better for me, not failing everything anymore :) sitting here being a nerd and reading video game news on the internet. still a band nerd...oh haha about that, we went to region festival and totally didn't make it to state :( haha got 1- which is like a B- kind of but if you get a 1 then you're pretty freakin good so we weren't that bad but apparently not good enough.(you need 1 to make it to state) dang the skiing season is almost over, sadness inside because snowboarding is the best thing you can do in the winter here. but i'm also excited for summer. hananana and jeb and whoever wants to come, we have to go to lagoon this summer! people can actually drive so we won't have to worry about rides..and hannah are you going to be gone all this summer too??? jeez didn't hang out with you at all last summer :( that's a pretty long blog and should make up for me not blogging forever, happy jennifer? hannah? you'd better be lol good night


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today was a fun day. i wandered around school for a while and found hanna, jennifer, jake, neil hanging out. so i hung out with them all day. it was the first time that i had actually fully "hung out" with them according to hana chyann. it was fun we just sat around in the hall for ever then we went and watched the sophmore girls play basketball. apparently myself, neil, and jacob were very embarrasing to be with because we were about the only people there and we were cheering at the top of our lungs. so then we went to jakes house with some racing in between and we started playing guitar which hannah loves us for haha. after that everyone left me and went swimming and i had to play with the band at the b-ball games which were really good cause we won both but the boys very very closely won against union. it was awesome. me mike and steven (anderson) had a little trio going on when the game was over because the band played at the girls game. so yeah that was pretty much it i guess. if i missed anything important hannah and jennifer should write about it

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I miss...

i miss hanging out with people, i miss "my group", i miss being some 14 year old living in heber, i miss having somewhere to walk to, i miss not having to worry about school so much, i miss the old band days when we just sat around and did nothing, i miss summer, i miss liking someone, i miss being a video game nerd, i miss getting good grades, i miss being better at skateboarding, i miss 2nd grade, i miss the old me.....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Life in Heber

is horrible...hehe i still don't like anyone and various people want me to/are trying to find me a gf which is really weird since i didn't ask anyone for any of it. hey i'm not 14 anymore lol i think that a total of 3 people called to say happy b-day and i got two presents...which is the same i got for christmas except they were candy bars and burned cd's...woofreakinhoo well i really appreciate people for actually doing that though don't get me wrong. isnt sad that i didn't get anything else for christmas or my b-day???? jeez ima loser well at least 2 more people said happy birthday at school..oh yeah i also got an avenged sevenfold shirt duh i forgot lol that was the best gift lol. bye