Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I've been reading a lot of comics. I found another webcomic called Dinousaur Comics and it's pretty hilarious. The guy uses the exact same picture every time, just different dialog. It's quite genius. Anyway, so my favorite thing about the comic is the second panel in each comic. It's usually really funny. Also, on the website, he has random lines from the second panel up at the top that change every time. Example of a comic (click to see whole thing + website):

what's the deal there, am i right?

let your mouse hover to see what the author has to say. Anyway, I got bored and copied a lot of the second panel sayings, which by themselves are pretty hilarious. Enjoy.

-or maybe he's travelled to the universe of the lesbians!
-creepy: i love you so hard!
-it seems i just had a snooze... and didn't lose!
-hot? or just, in fact, kind of weird?
-edgar allan poe! you are so needy.
-pretzels in a lady's lap!
-okay dudes and lesbians! getting a woman to like you is easy!
i- think this is very symbolic for... something!
-apparently, you need a sausage to get on the moon!
-okay! the first way is to draw attention to your hips!
-i'll tell you how i became the prince of a town called bel-air!
-okay, so gotham city is infected with zombies, right?
-the devil! what are you doing here?!
-that's it - i'll sell naked pictures of myself online! for profits!
-can good exist without irish evil? some philosophers suspect it cannot!
-why oh why did i make a joke about his mom?
-t-rex and the devil star in: "abandonware adventures"
-today is a good day i think for asking profound philosophical questions!
-once upon a time: everything i have is mine, and mine alone!
-hah! bawdy image issues!
-shortly: everything's fine, cept you got no legs! shit!
-resolution one: eat less chickens!
-credit card fraud is a growing problem in today's society!
-the chinese buffet!
-for instance: these smart machines could make even smarter machines!
-shakespeare prequels!
-fine new sexy ladies!
-fop is one of the rarest conditions known to medicine!
-i'm worried that i'll grow up to be a fat dinosaur!
-now, to convince my friends that i'm not coo-coo krazy!
-my mighty body lies in shambles!
-the word "bicurious"!
-here are some simple sexy secrets to pleasing your man!
-skateboarding out of a friggin' crashing helicopter!
-having a shower is like admitting you get dirty!
-i regret spilling a glass of ginger ale on an architect!
-the shaft upon which the seat is mounted has become bent!
-that girl with the brown hair sure is a "dish"!
-i think i'm becoming racist against taxi drivers!
-time to go and get some hearty man sleep!
-at least i don't have to buy my friends!
-a rare proposition! i propose a journey to the moon!
-"oh yeah? well here in the real world, we don't get to rest for 32 bars!"
-man! even god thinks i can't write an opera!
-and with my new dance moves, i "tore up the dance floor"!
-it's totally true, even if all the messages arrive unmolested!
-motorcycle enthusiasts call cars "cages"!
-zombie whales!
-i wonder what things would be like if i were less uptight about carpets!
-then, they go on the treasure hunt!
-forget you, zach morris!
-time to educate my peers... through the medium of incredibly true facts!
-(second base in the sexually euphemistic sense, of course!)
-smoochitis is when you have a medical case of the smooches!

Haha, I love it. and I love you if you took the time to read all of those. If you skipped it, go back, you probably won't be disappointed. Alright, I love you all.


P.S. Bill Nye comic in one of the earlier blogs, best ever.