Sunday, November 12, 2006

Time to Blog, eh?

Well it's been a heck of a long time since i last blogged, and people have been Nazis so yeah, here ya go.

hmm where to start...Friday, ok. So Friday, thanks to Cowboy Poetry, we got out of school at 11:30 and anytime we have short days we eat at Don Pedros, so to not break tradition, we did. Like usual i was without money so they (Hannah, Jeb, Britta, Jake, Enano, Mike and Spiva) were gonna have to pay. well it turns out while we were eating Enano's Dad came and ate and left and when we went to pay for all our food, we found out that Enano's dad had payed for ALL of our food. it was extremely nice of him seeing how it was probably like 100 dollars.

Afterwards, we had to go drop Hannah off at her house cause she's too cool to hang out with us anymore, then we went to Enano's. we pretty much just watched Jake, Spiva and Enano spar the whole time and watched amazing drum solos on youtube.

Then Mike, Enano, Britta and I treked through the wilderness to Britta's house where we made cookies for Enano's dad. they turned out good and we watched TV for a while until Lurpe, Randi and Spiva showed up. so we headed over to Enano's pasta partay and lots of people showed up and we ate lots of pasta. We had previously planned to play there, but we didn't decide to until the last minute when no one wanted to hear us and we just scared everyone away haha. so we all gave up and watched Nacho Libre, which i love.

Saturday was Science Day at the U. they day started off with me waking up and showering and leaving Heber around 8 cause check-in was from 9 to 9:30. we got there and sat around until they had the opening ceremony thing. then we went to a little Academic Advice thing where we got to pick a field in science and see what there was available job and college-wise. I picked Geology and Geophysics which interested me quite a bit and i might consider going into, but we'll see. After that we had "lunch" which was just a little sandwich and chips haha, it wasn't very satisfying to my hunger, but it was better than nothing. When lunch was over we headed over to our first little workshop deal and mine and Mike's was 3-d analysis. It was an ok thing, we pretty much just watched a presentation about 3-d x-rays and such which would have been more interesting if we didn't have the guy tell the same thing over and over again. haha. 2nd came Nanoscience which is about technologies being made from very little to not so little, such things as computer chips and such and we got to play with a magnet, twas cool. Last was my favorite, Observational Astronomy. All we did was watch a slide show and we would've looked at stuff in telescopes, but it was cloudy :(. sounds boring, but i'm into that stuff a lot. During the closing ceremony we bumped into Cameron, Alexia and some other chick i didn't recognize. well it turns out they met her in one of the workshops and she was pretty cool, Marta was her name. Mike and i then mention we were going to the Pie and asked for a ride and they just decided they'd come along, so we all headed down to the Pie and ordered the biggest pizza they had. 23 inches. it was sooo big and delicious haha, from then on i decided the Pie was my favorite pizza place.

We arrived in Heber around 7 ish cause Mike's mom had to do lots of errands and such. When we got to Mike's house we thieved the van and picked up Brady and then headed over to Kelsey's house. Kelsey was watching a movie with Bryton and Britta, so we finished the movie with them and Lauren came over (i don't really know her, at all) and Britta had to leave. While we were bored with nothing to do, we came up with the idea to play Fugitive. Bryton would be the police, seeing as Mike didn't want to and they were the only two with licenses (Brady had forgotten his at home) and the rest of us would start at Kelsey's house and try to make it to the Valley Hills sign. well, through much 'hiking' and cutting through people's yards, we finally made it there. it was kind of a rip off for him though cause he was the only one and he didn't have a flashlight or anything, but it was still fun. by the way, for those of you reading, we will have to play Fugitive with as many people as possible, and it will be amazing.

Sunday i drove with my parents to Orem and ate Chinese food. While we were there, i remembered that i still needed some things for snowboarding so we headed over to the mall and i got some sweet pants and some sweet goggles. they rock. i'm still in a desparate need for gloves though, so hopefully we'll find some during the week cause i'm going to opening day on saturday at the Canyons, and i'm not even sure if anyone's going with me. oh well, i'm used to it.

I started driving with Coach Shoell today and it went pretty smooth, he told me that i shouldn't even have to wait until March to get my license haha, but too bad i have to.... On Friday i will be taking the test and after that i'll just have to get some more hours in and i'll be ready for my license, WAY before March btw. stupid laws.

Argh, that be it for now matey.