Tuesday, January 23, 2007


*(this blog has been redone like 5 times, hence the date on it, today is V-day[lame])*

I really haven't gotten many complaints about not blogging, which makes me wonder if you guys even miss me blogging. gosh. just kidding.

So tomorrow is Single Awareness day and I'm not particularly excited for it. It always just reminds me of my loneliness which isn't a fun thing. i was thinking about maybe sending some (1) cupid gram(s) to some (1) people (person), but i ended up not doing it mainly because it was kind of hard with people (her) sitting right there and because i just thought it best not to. (i wrote that yesterday so now i say it doesn't matter cause it wouldn't have made much of a difference anyways)

The Jack's Mannequin concert was last Thursday and Britta, Michael and I went since everyone else was lame and didn't go. That's okay though because they're the ones that missed an AMAZING concert, here's how it went: That day after school i went home with Mike and we waited around until 4 ish so we could walk down to Britta's to wait for her dad go get home and give us a ride. He finally got there and we were on our way to SLC for the concert. we got there at a pretty good time. the line was barely around the corner (for those of you that have been to In The Venue) and not into the street like Hellogoodbye was for you guys. They let Britta in just like that and searched Mike and me and we were in. As soon as we were in i went and bought Hannah a shirt (because she asked me to) and went and stood by the stage. Everything was all set up and we just waited about 10 minutes before what i thought was the sound check people came out. well it turned out to be the first opening band and they started playing right away, which made me pretty happy. everyone pretty much just stood around for the first couple of songs and started getting into it after a while. i remember the bassist/singer had a sweet blue bass with flowers on it and one of the guitarist had like a semi-hollow body telecaster. i didn't find out their name until later, which is Get Back Loretta, and i ended up liking them quite a bit. Next came The Audition (i didn't know any bands going except JM) and they were also quite good, as with Head Automatica...they were okay, but GBL ended up being my favorite of the 3. That's all i'll say for the concert because you probably will have heard everything from Britta by now..anyways moving on.

hmmm...random thought time: who the heck came up with the idea for those kiss cupid grams? if you liked someone why would you want them to be kissed by someone else?

I got a digital camera which I'm pretty excited about cause now I'll be able to take cool pictures and the such. I'm particularly excited about taking it with me when i go snowboarding, some of the views up there are absolutely amazing and i can't wait to show people that don't get the chance to go up there.

random thought 2: I think it's kind of a waste for people, especially students, living in northern Utah to not go snowboarding/skiing at least once. i mean come on people, we have the greatest snow on earth, why not take advantage of it? a lot of these people that didn't do it during their youth might end up doing it later and paying tons more for the same experience you could've payed hundreds less for. makes sense, doesn't it?

The Dragonforce/Killswitch Engage/Chimaira show is coming up and i'm dang excited for it. This one wont be a giant spoonfest though, i'll probably end up breaking something. Sound stupid? yeah it is, but it's amazingly fun to go to a show like that lol.

i think that may be it for now.


P.S. I get my license in two weeks!!! yay!

Friday, January 05, 2007


yeah, copying Hannah's post yet again, well here's a bunch of lyrics for you, and yes, there will be a lot of pumpkins (some explicit content might follow, ye have been warned):

" If We're the flagship of peace and prosperity
We're taking on water and about to f***ing sink
No one seems to notice, No one even blinks
The crew left the passengers to die under the sea"
- (the) Rise Against (that no one knows)

"Will someone please call a surgeon
Who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart
That you're deserting for better company"
- The Postal Service

"Witness the man who raves at the wall
Making the shape of his question to Heaven
Whether the sun will fall in the evening
Will he remember the lesson of giving
Set the controls for the heart of the sun"
- Pink Floyd

"Our knives say "we're making way for this, the ending."
Stay back, turmoil is across-the-board.
It is making way for... a gaping tear is opening.
This, this is our last broadcast.

We're wrecklessly looking for the truth,
And we'll tear this place apart.
Theres hope for us yet.

Hope is there."
- Norma Jean

"If you choose to pull the trigger,
Should your drama prove sincere,
Do it somewhere
Far away from here"
- A Perfect Circle

"Numb and broken,
Here I stand alone,
Wondering what were
The last words I said to you
Hoping, praying that I'll find a way
To turn back time,
Can I turn back time?"
- Killswitch Engage

"The sound of love is oceans far away
And I can love and I can check your faith
The sound that beckons me is from your heart
And I can't begin to say cause I don't really know
Just where I've been
every desire
my heart gives in"
- James Iha

"Oh maybe, we were made
We were made for each other
Ahh, is it possible for the
World to look this way forever?"
- Jack's Mannequin

time for the pumpkins:

Stand Inside Your Love:
"You're everything that I want and ask for
You're all that I'd dreamed
Who wouldn't be the one you love?
Who wouldn't stand inside your love?"

In The Arms Of Sleep:
"sleep will not come to this tired body now
peace will not come to this lonely heart
there are some things i'll live without
but i want you to know that i need you right now"

Tonight, Tonight. had to put it all because i love it:
"Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of you
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel
Believe, believe in me, and believe , believe
That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain
We’re not the same, we're different.
Tonight, tonight, tonight
So bright
Tonight, tonight.
And you know you're never sure
But you're sure you could be right
If you held yourself up to the light
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake
The place where you were born
Believe, believe in me, and believe, believe.
In the resolute urgency of now
And if you believe there's not a chance tonight
Tonight, Tonight.
So bright tonight, tonight.
We’ll crucify the insincere tonight (Tonight)
We’ll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight (Tonight)
We’ll find a way to offer up the night tonight (Tonight)
The indescribable moments of your life (Tonight)
The impossible is possible tonight (Tonight)
Believe in me as I believe in you,
Tonight, tonight, tonight,

Daphne Descends:
"with the sugar sickness
you spy the kidnap kid
who kids you to oblivion
it's the perfect hassle
for the perfumed kiss
he makes you miss him more than home"

Hello Kitty Kat:
" Love to love to love what you adore
I can give you anything, but please let me
Be your everything... please"

" Fool enough to almost be it
Cool enough to not quite see it
Pick your pocket full of sorrow
Run away with me tomorrow

We'll try and ease the pain
Somehow we'll feel the same
Well, no one knows
Where our secrets go

I send a heart to all my dearies
When your life is so, so dreary
I'm rumored to the straight and narrow
While the harlots of my perils

Jupiter's Lament:
" Gone, long gone
Blink and I'll be gone, gone, gone
Leave this world of wrong, wrong, wrong
Leave it far behind

And although my secret's gone
I'll try to carry on
If I must, I'll get along
Without you"

" I'm all by myself
As I've always felt
I'll betray myself
To anyone, lost, anyone but you

So let the sadness come again
On that you can depend on me, yeah
Until the bitter, bitter end of the world, yeah
When God sleeps in bliss"

" Bleed in your own light
Dream of your own life
I miss me
I miss everything I'll never be
And on, and on

I torch my soul to show
The world that I am pure
Deep inside my heart
No more lies

A crown of horns
An image formed deformed
The mark I've borne
A mark of scorn to you

Consume my love, devour my hate
Only powers my escape
The moon is out, the stars invite
I think I'll leave tonight

So soon I'll find myself alone
To relax and fade away
Do you know what's coming down
Do you know I couldn't stay free?"

That's it for now, and yeah, it's a lot, but they're all good. i really have nothing else to say (well, type).


Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year

this is the first song i listened to this year "The New Year" by Death Cab For Cutie:

so this is the new year.
and i don't feel any different.
the clanking of crystal
explosions off in the distance (in the distance).

so this is the new year
and I have no resolutions
for self assigned penance
for problems with easy solutions

so everybody put your best suit or dress on
let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once
lighting firecrackers off on the front lawn
as thirty dialogues bleed into one

i wish the world was flat like the old days
then i could travel just by folding a map
no more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways
there'd be no distance that can hold us back.

there'd be no distance that could hold us back

so this is the new year
i thought it was quite fitting.

So 2006 is over and i really don't know how i feel about that. A lot of stuff happened, maybe some stuff that shouldn't have, and a lot of stuff i was hoping would happen, didn't, but that's mostly cause of me. and to quote another blog (Britta's): "Let's do everything that we weren't brave enough to do last year. Let's love without holding back. Let's think less about what other people think. Let's make every single day one to remember for the rest of our lives.
Well, here's to the new year. I'm not just going to sit here and hope that 2007 will be amazing. I'm going to make it happen. Are you up for it?" and to answer, Yes, i most definitely am.