Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Returning Empty Handed

So I don't think many of you know this, but I'm in a class called Basic Communications (not to be confused with Business Comm.). It's basically a "you failed english" class, to make up credits. Anyway, even though it's a class for failures, it's still quite fun and I learn some interesting things in there (although the teacher's jaw about dropped when I told her about my 32 ACT English score). Today in class, we learned what a memoir was, which is a story about a certain memory or someone's life as a whole, kind of like an autobiography. After that, she showed us a book full of six word memoirs called Not Quite What I Was Planning (A six word memoir in itself). Basically, it's a book full of people saying a whole event or part of their life in six words. It's a pretty interesting concept. Here are some examples:

-Waited too long to start living.
-You could say I'm still bitter.
-Two hours, one closet, true love.
-Am I lost? Or just wandering?
-Thirteen years......and still my heart weeps.
-New Divorce, New Disease. New York.
-A body fractured, a spirit whole.
-Cancer came. Teaching ended. Learning began.
-Wedding bands can easily come off.
-Too much chemo. I'm a biohazard.
-Catholic, gave it up for Lent.
-Found God. Husband found girlfriend. Amen?
-Chucking the lemons back at life.
-Happily married, until the paternity test.
-I still make coffee for two

So I think you get the idea now....and I made a few of my own, so here you go.

-Played video games. all my life
-concerts are fun. school is ignored.
-Matured early, people seek answers. cool.
-not invited again? i don't mind
-great American knowledge, still not citizen.

come up with your own! they're fun.


P.S. http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/
the website for the book