Sunday, December 17, 2006


for those of you reading this, you might have read some before, but i had a hard time coming up with my own haha. so it wont be nearly as long as some.

Remember when...

we played the emoticon story game?

we had the best group for a dance ever?

we stayed up talking until the early hours of the morning?

we would visit Days like every day?

i owned everyone at halo?

we would share lyrics to good songs?


you almost ran me over that one crazy friday?

we practiced karate moves on him?

we'd have the w's?

she thought i was a trash can?

you were really happy at me playing that song on the drums?

we were excited we both knew death cab?

you got all that Mountain Dew for your birthday?

we went to her house and walked to the empty lake?

you let me play with your hair for once?

we played ping pong outside?

someone stole your hugs i got you?

you'd beg me to blog?

we had that Tetris tournament?

no one came to our band concert(s)?

french music, barefoot, speeding, bandana thing.

you tried to get me to go to prom?

we painted on her car?

i made up that one word and you laughed?

you drove me home and pulled some amazing driving skills?

we went snowboarding and you got a girl on your lap?

we decided to start a band?

we broke the cymbal?

"it's like wearing death!"?

we started playing and everyone left?

we raced around like crazies?

everyone had someone but me?

i had the best ride buddy ever?

we painted our faces and were the best fans ever?

we would fight when he wasn't looking?

i told him we were already married?

you were embarrassed by our cheering?

we'd share our problems and help each other?

we had arguements about who loved who more?

i'd steal your glasses?

we kept calling him during announcements?

hmm..that's an okay list for now, i'll probably expand on it later.