Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sweet Talk


From now on I'm naming my blogs after whatever song I'm listening to.

So It's what you all want to hear about right?

Hmm...what do I do with my life...go to concerts! and that's it.

I went to a couple of concerts last week, Straylight Run and As I Lay Dying (within 3 days of each other). I kind of like how I listen to completely different bands haha. Straylight Run was pretty much amazing, it was gonna be me and Maddy and Britta, but then Britta decided not to go, so it was just Maddy and me. Britta, I wish you would've gone, but in a way, it was nice that you didn't haha (I love you I promise). It was at the Avalon and the opening bands were Cassino, Dear and the Headlights and The Color Fred. I suggest you check them all out, for sure. Cassino was more acoustic-driven and the music had more of a folky sound to it, I enjoyed it. Dear and the Headlights is definitely one of my favorite bands now, I bought the cd at the show and met the guitarist. If you're interested, I'll let you borrow the cd. The Color Fred is the used-to-be-guitarist-for-Taking-Back-Sunday's side project, and I'll tell you now, check it out cause it rocks. Maddy said they were her favorite band, so she bought the cd (and the packaging is very hippy approved btw) and as we were walking out we saw Fred standing there so she got him to sign the cd. It was awesome. One thing I liked about the concert a lot was that there was like 200 people there, so the whole performance felt really personal. Straylight Run even played a real encore, because they enjoyed the audience reaction and stuff. It was nice. One of the best moments: " this..." "like what?" ".....this"

wtf, right? well John Nolan was talking about some song and he said "and it goes a little something like this..." except the drummer wasn't quite ready to start it yet, so he kept saying it, and in the middle of it I said the "like what?" then he said the ".....this" and the song started. haha, it was a pretty special moment since John was smiling because of my comment.

There was one thing that made me chuckle at the concert quite a bit though, try not to get lost...

So there was this band named Taking Back Sunday. These two guys played guitar and bass for them, their names were John Nolan and Shaun Cooper. For some reason, they decided to split off and do their own thing, they called it Straylight Run. Some random guy replaced Shaun, but a guy named Fred replaced John. Fred played with Taking Back Sunday for a while, then earlier this year, he decided he wanted to do his own thing. So now he plays with his own band, the Color Fred. Both of the bands were at the concert...ha! (okay, so I'm just trying to take up space now)

The As I Lay Dying concert was pretty amazing too. It was at the Saltair, which is a cool place. All That Remains was there too, and I think I was looking forward to them more than AILD. Britta and Spiva went too, and that made things a lot better. Despite what you may think, Britta had lots of fun! haha. Nothing to special to mention about this concert, other than moshing, circle pit-ing and Britta headbanging. haha. awesome.

Now moving on..

hmm....recent events....well, It snowed a LOT today, which was nice. I enjoy the snow a lot, and I think I still would even if I didn't snowboard. I'll try to go snowboarding soon since the resorts are open now, but I've been sick all week, so maybe I'll hold off a little to not get horribly sick again.

Oh, so for of those who didn't know, I'm playing in drumline nowadays. I auditioned for quads quite randomly since I wanted to play bass drum in the first place. At auditions, all the basses were taken up, but there was a lonely set of quads sitting there, so I tried out for that. Turns out I made it haha. I like playing in the drumline, it's lots of fun, but the quads are dang heavy, which is pretty much the only downer.

So guess what I finally decided to do? Get a job! yay! Well, it was more of a chance thing really, since I hadn't really been looking anyway. Brianna was talking to me about how they needed more people to work at the Claim Jumper and I kind of off-handedly said I'd go work. So a couple of days later, she tells me to go and they'd hire me on the spot. So I did, and they did. I do some dishwashing and do some bussing every now and then, so as a result of that and drumline, I kind of have a schedule that I have to work around. Which is definitely a new thing for me.

Change can be nice sometimes though.