Sunday, December 25, 2005


well christmas day just passed..and it wasn't all that great. i got woken up by the phone and couldn't go back to sleep so then i ate some food and messed around with my mom's new phone. then i watched some tv for about 2 hours and i decided i was hungry so i went to get some food and there is nothing to eat at my house...NOTHING. then i tried walking around town finding something to eat but everything was closed. after that i got home and christian called me so i went to his house and had christmas dinner with his family which was really yummy. then they opened presents and we watched the 40 year old virgin, which was freakin hilarious. and now i'm sitting here typing, for those of you wondering, my family has dinner on christmas eve so i actually got two dinners haha. oh yeah presents. i got an ipod which some of you may have already seen, the movie big momma's house, and my sister wrote me a note that said i could choose any snowboard in any store and she would buy it for me..woohoo! i love snowboarding and that's awesome since my old snowboard is a POS and my bindings broke. and that's about all i got for x-mas. holy cow long blog you'd people's better put some good comments down. oh and by the way my strike is in motion and it is working ha. i hope you had a better christmas than mine!