Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never Know

So I've said this a ton to everyone, but listen to The American Analog Set. Do it. Then after you like them, listen to The Wooden Birds. Okay. Cool.

Today I took a visit to the cemetery. I hadn't been to my uncle's grave in a while. As you can tell, it's definitely been a reflective past few days, with Brittany gone and everything. I spent the entire day alone too. I think the only people I talked to were my family and Brittany (with my actual voice, I mean). I have a final that I should be studying for right now, but my mind just won't stop reeling.

It's been a tough last few days as well. Who knew a week would go by so slowly? If you're reading this, you should call me soon to hang out. Cause days like today aren't good.

Anyway. I don't think this made any sense, really. But I tried.



Morgan said...

I'm sorry :(

I've greatly cherished an afternoon alone in the cemetery though. It sucks that Brittany is gone, but maybe this is also a time when you can learn about yourself? In a raw, honest way without distractions?

Not that I don't get being lonely and really, really missing someone. Just trying to help.


berto said...

That's actually what's been happening, Morgie. I haven't been able to help but looking inwards for the last couple weeks and it's actually been nice. I've found that I've gotten somewhat lazy with trying to be who I want to be...which is an easy thing to do when you're loved for who you are.

So thank you for the advice :) It was exactly what I needed to hear.